Arsal Khan

Not just another Developer

A coffeeholic guy with passion of design and obsession of movies; I like Eminem, Movies (esp. the ones that fuck your mind) and learning anything new, and yes the beard too. As a profession, I help build web apps (that don't suck), at TRG Tech. #ILookLikeAnEngineer

Arsal Khan
Always scored good in programming, chose graphic and web design as a career.
I take movies with dinner.
I keep my code cleaner than my room.
"Salary is credited" from the bank gives me more pleasure than "I miss u" from my ex.
I knew I couldn't had everything so I focused on doing a couple of things REALYY WELL, and started this career.
Once I watched 7 movies back to back.
I prefer Nicki Minaj over !important.
On every fashion billboard, I see fonts, before those hot models.
I use camelCamel outside sublime text too.
I have ACTUALLY blocked some people for sending candy crush requests.
HTML, CSS and Urdu are my mother languages.
I am proficient in English, JavaScript and Wordpress.
I also have knowledge of Arabic and PHP.
I love the kind of cigarette that makes you realize how long your windpipe is.
I like my ducks in a row only when it comes to work, otherwise my room is a hell of mess, seriously.
Sometimes, I want to forget some movies, so that I can watch 'em again like the first time.
I need a weekend after every :nth-child(-n+3) days.
I hate the kind of hunger that is felt right after you brush the teeth.
Sublime Text is my best pal.
I know how to pronounce, but how to spell!
Black and white designs make me feel high.
Arguing on the semantics is my favorite hobby.