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My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do.
Francine Jay

Extra Caffeine as can be guessed by the name is something that can really boost your productivity. It features a perfect workflow for web development (both static and dynamic) and a coding practice that outputs very maintable code.

Extra Caffeine features the following to enhance the workflow:

Setting up

You will need:

Extracting the assets

You will need some Photoshop and Illustrator's plugins/scripts to extract and maintain your assets. You can get them here:

Getting started

Now since you have set up all the pre-requisites we are good to go with Extra Caffeine. Download it on github First of all you need to install Gulp and Browser-sync globally on your machine. npm install browser-sync -g and npm install gulp -g the "-g" flag tells npm to install the mentioned package globally.

Open command window and navigate to your newly-made project or go to the root directory and by pressing Shift+Right-click (in windows) open a commad window there. Run npm install or npm i to install the dependencies of Extra Caffeine